A conversation with Will Ashworth from Watergate Bay Hotel and Another Place

Published: 14/4/21

Will Ashworth, chief executive of Watergate Bay Hotel in Cornwall and Another Place in the Lake District, talks about the evolution of tourism and how to maintain a strong culture in a growing business.

During a wide-ranging conversation, he discusses his family’s long involvement in the hospitality industry, what his team have been doing during lockdown and his plans to create a new collection of lifestyle hotels.

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Lava lamps: a British export success story – Cressida Granger from Mathmos

Published: 05/15/24

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An icon of the swinging ‘60s, the lava lamp continues to win fans around the world. Cressida Granger shares the highs and lows of her business journey as owner of Mathmos, the original lava lamp manufacturer, as well as revealing the key to export success for this enduringly popular British product.

Innovation and pushing boundaries – Richard Wyatt-Haines from Health and Care Innovations

Published: 05/01/24

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With health services under growing pressure as more people live with multiple conditions, is technology the answer?

Richard Wyatt-Haines has been pushing boundaries and finding innovative solutions throughout his career. In his current role as founder and chairman of Health and Care Innovations (HCI), he reveals how digital information and apps are reducing costs, increasing capacity and improving patients’ quality of life. 

Drawing on his varied experience in banking, consulting, insurance and now digital health, Richard also shares insights on leadership, the challenges facing the NHS and his advice for anyone thinking about doing an MBA.

Inside the movie industry – Helen Moss from Paramount Pictures

Published: 04/17/24

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Helen Moss, senior vice president of international distribution at Paramount Pictures, sheds light on the mechanics of the movie business, from projects getting the green light to deciding how, when and where to release a big-budget film.

Helen also reflects on how her career path has taken her from Cornwall to Los Angeles. As one of the most influential women in global cinema distribution, she is ideally placed to discuss the impact of the Covid pandemic and the AI revolution on the film industry – and how, despite predictions to the contrary, cinema is thriving in the age of streaming.

Agency life and the power of happiness – Jaye Cowle from Launch

Published: 04/03/24

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Jaye Cowle takes us inside the world of performance marketing, including how artificial intelligence and hybrid working are changing the way marketers work. 

Discussing the importance of purpose in business, Jaye explains why happiness is the goal of Launch, the B Corp certified agency she founded. 

She also shares insights on the growth mindset that can help founders take their business to the next level.