A conversation with Myles Hopper from Mindful Chef

In the seventh episode of Business Noodles and Doodles, we talk to Myles Hopper, one of the co-founders from Mindful Chef. Myles talks about growing the business using crowdfunding and external investment, why they are so passionate about working with british farmers, as well as achieving B Corp certification and making a bigger difference with … Read more

A conversation with Sarah Knight from Sarah West Recruitment and Tribus People

In the sixth episode of Business Noodles and Doodles, we talk to Sarah Knight, founder and managing director of Sarah West Recruitment in Exeter. Alongside this, she is also co-founder and director or Tribus People. Sarah talks about how, despite never intending to start her own business, choosing the “exciting and terrifying path” has led … Read more

A conversation with Giles Letheren from Delt Shared Services

In the fifth episode of Business Noodles and Doodles, we talk to Giles Letheren, CEO of Delt Shared Services who chats about the challenges of running an independent organisation owned entirely by public sector bodies and how his training as a production manager in the entertainment business – working with the likes of Boyzone, East … Read more

A conversation with Amanda Stansfield from Granny Gothards

In the fourth episode of our podcast series recorded in February 2021, Amanda Stansfield, owner of the artisan ice cream maker Granny Gothards, talks about her journey since founding the business in 2012, how she tackled the issue of seasonality by exploring global markets and their success in exporting to places including Dubai, India and … Read more

A conversation with Dave Harland from the Eden Project

In the third episode of our podcast series, Dave Harland, CEO at the Eden Project talks about celebrating their 20th birthday in March 2021, working with international partners to establish more sites around the world including China and Costa Rica as well as talking about the wider topic of sustainability.

A conversation with Mark Roberts from Lightfoot

In the second episode of our podcast series, Mark Roberts, founder and chief executive at Lightfoot, talks about their lightbulb moment that resulted in them developing technology which incentivises drivers and ultimately achieves greater efficiency from their vehicles. Mark also talks about how they work with investors including Martin McCourt who was CEO at Dyson … Read more

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